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Kudos To Guilford County Schools (NC)!

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

An old news grabbed my eye the other day, GCS Seeking High School Students Who Can Serve as Math Tutors It turns out the school district was launching a unique opportunity for current high school students to tutor younger students online (just as what HHH is doing!) GCS, or Guilford County Schools, is the third-largest district in North Carolina, serving nearly 72,000 students across 125 schools. Recognizing the learning loss associated with school closures and the effectiveness of tutoring, the district planned to deploy large-scale tutoring to help students catch up and hoped this initiative would encourage the broad application of tutoring programs in the state and nationally. I applaud GCS for giving its trust to aspiring high school students, and I’m looking forward to their great success.

A little digging led me to another article: Free Online Tutoring Leads to Parent Engagement ( A few years ago, GCS set up a tutoring service available to all district students and their families at no cost. The goal was to boost parent engagement. The result? Parent participation in school activities has increased every year since the program began.

Online tutoring will not work well by itself. It needs the collaborative efforts of all, including a supportive home environment.

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