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High Dosage What?

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Most of us know what tutoring is, but have you ever heard of high-dosage tutoring?

High-dosage tutoring is generally defined as one-on-one tutoring or tutoring in very small groups at least three times a week (with each session 30-60 minutes long) or over 50 hours during 36 weeks.

According to one recent analysis conducted by researchers at Brown University and University of Virginia, tutoring is found to be effective at all grade levels: “the evidence is strongest, with the most research available, for reading-focused tutoring for students in early grades (particularly grades K-2) and for math-focused tutoring for older students.” High-dosage tutoring is proven to be especially helpful in generating large learning gains. Well-known education researchers such as John Hopkins’ Robert Slavin also endorsed such high-frequency tutoring.

Here at HHH, we welcome families to engage our tutors for high-dosage tutoring. We look forward to working with your child to achieve greater results.

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