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Nati Tesfaye

Nati Tesfaye


Hi! My name is Nati Tesfaye, and I am a junior at Hopkins School in New Haven. I take a wide variety of courses and always look to advance my understanding of the world around me. I currently take two AP classes: AP Biology and AP United States History, and I plan on taking two more APs my senior year. I am a co-head of two clubs at my school: a sports debate club and a charity for cancer awareness. I am also a member of my school's debate club and model congress. I currently work for my school's writing studio, which helps students with their English and research papers. I run cross country and play basketball for Hopkins, and I compete at the varsity level for both sports. I love to help whenever I can, and I specialize in elementary subjects, intermediate subjects, history, writing, and biology for high school students.


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